Why to Choose Pro Flight Simulator? (Compared to MS Flight Simulator X)

First of all let me tell you a little bit about Microsoft flight simulator X. Microsoft Flight Sim originated from computer graphics and gradually went on developing and updating their version. These newer versions were improved periodically by adding different features to the simulator. 

The version 9 of the MS Flight Sim was released in 2004 and perhaps the only one to have a single edition of the simulator. In the year 2006 MS Flight Sim went on to produce the X version called Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Reported by the official Microsoft internet site, the standard version with this version features anything from navaids to GPS. It gives you eighteen airplane options, 31 cities to fly in, as well as 40 airports to fly back and forth from.

What about ProFlightSimulator?

This is software that has a massive Selection of Aircraft's and Airports - There is over 120+ Aircraft's to choose from; airplanes, helicopters, fighter jets, airliners, propeller planes, etc. Also there is over 20,000+ real world airports to take off from or land at.

Extremely Realistic Flying - Terrian, aircraft reactions, planetary alignments and movements is based on actual world data. When flying at night you can see car headlights on major roadways, and accurate airport lightning.

I've played just about every flight simulator games and not any of them measure to this one. The details and scenery is incredible. They made this game to be as close to real flying that you can get and they did a extremely well job. 


Flight Simulator Download - ProFlightSimulator Review

Are you guys ready to fly? then check this out, I'm going to do some review about flight simulator download software which has pretty good rating on flight simulator games category. Plus, I'll give you the link where you can download it instantly to your computer.

I'd like  to introduce ProFlightSim the best airplane games that I've ever played. You probably think, whats the different with other flight simulator? well, thats a good question, but before I go for the pros and cons, I gotta tell you about the man behind this software, Dan Freeman.

Dan Freeman is a flight simulator maniac, owner of Proflightsim. The software developed by him gives you a real flying experience which is not like microsoft flight simulator x. And I can say that this is the best flight simulator ever.

Thing that make it different is everything from panel control, aircraft reaction, landing station, to planetary alignment and movements is based on actual world data. With the realistic flight control and dynamic, it doesn't get any closer to the real thing.


- Real Flying Experience
Discover the high quality definition view from your computer make you fly as real life.

- Thousand of great features
It has everything you need about flying. one of them is 20,000 airports are available.

- Up to date
In members area, you get a lifetime free updates and upgarade.

- Ongoing support
Get help if you have a trouble during installation the software.

- 4 Bonus Software
Make the most proflightsimulator with the bonuses.


- May take a moment to download the software, depends on your internet connections speed.
- Overwhelming control, Because it is what you would expect to find in a real airplane. They do get easier after a while though, and you can get help and video tutorials in the members section.

That is my personal review about proflightsimulator, grab this software by clicking the image below. Download now and Start flying..

Tips For Flight Simulator Download

Probably you're searching for the best flight simulator download now, and lucky you because I want to give you some tips before you go any further and what it means is that don't download anything unless you know what you are doing. There are different version released on the internet, so be careful to choose. Make sure you get the best. 

Here are the things that you need to consider.

1) Up to date
In my researching around google, there are also an old version of flight simulator games. And I think the design view of the game is worst. Thats why you have to consider the date when it released.

2) Avoid the "Free Download" Words
Yeah, you know what I mean. Who don't want to get a free stuff? of course I do, and I bet you do love it too, But it is not always that good. For me, free means worst. I'd rather to spend my bucks to something that really can fully satisfy me instead of to get a free crappy stuff.

3) High Quality
Like I said at point 2, Usually free download games has a bad quality than the paid one.

4) Help Support
This is important one, can you imagine what if you get a trouble during the installation while there is no one  to  help you out?. Thats why you need a help support.

Well, I think thats all for today. I hope those tips can help you to choose the best flight simulator download. Let me know if you guys have any comment.


Flight Simulator Download - My First Experience

I am not a maniac gamer, but flight simulator makes me stay in my room all days. I have no idea how incredible this game is. Its not just fun, I feel like Me is the real captain that flying a huge boeing lol. If you have played this game before, I bet that you were a good pilot. :D

Well, It is all started when I was totally bored and looking for some new game and I stumbled a site that said "flight simulator download". I was like what the hell exactly is this game. After being "skeptical" for a while, I decided to download it.

 I was confuse when I tried ProFlightSimulator but with the guide provided in members area, I could finally fly the plane. I really enjoy the game. The best things about this game are :

- The realistic view, whether the aircraft, scenery, even the navigation control, it is all Real
- I can choose hundred of different jet and helicopter
- Makes me trashed my older game. lol

Actually, there are different version of flight simulator games, like Flight Sim X by microsoft. It is similiar with proflightsimulator. Well, for me, proflightsimulator is still the best though.

Thanks to ProFlightSimulator for providing the best airplane game that has ever released on the internet plus made me un-bored.

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